Healing Crystals and minerals (fossil minerals) are believed to have many healing properties. From bringing peace of mind to fighting depression to soothing, calming mind and soul, the list seems endless. A lot of celebrities are using them and confirming their effectiveness. They have also been used in ancient forms of medicine and by priests to align the chakras of the body. And now, using crystals as an effective form of self-care is becoming incredibly popular...

Scientifically, there is no science supporting the power of crystal healing in curing or curing conditions. However, using healing crystals can be very relaxing as they create a sense of relaxation in the environment. But, do they really work in treating medical conditions? How is this possible if not scientifically proven energy? how do they work?

According to experts, crystals act as a power hold for healing as they allow positive, useful energy to flow through the body and remove negative toxic energy. Like other forms of alternative medicine, crystals work by modulating your energy levels, focusing on healing your body from the inside.

Crystals also have the power to induce a placebo effect in the body, which is scientifically proven to help with medical treatments.


What is the Placebo effect?

The idea that your brain can persuade your body to fake treatments is a real thing – the so-called placebo effect – and thus encouraging treatment has been around for millennia. Now science has found that under the right circumstances, a placebo can be just as effective as conventional treatments.

Crystals emit steady vibrations that help balance the inner and zen spaces around us. This is why crystals have been used for their powerful properties for thousands of years.

These healing rocks and crystals have their special vibration and frequency, which results from their molecular structure. The way they move and interact, these vibrations and energies work to benefit and uplift our mood, mind, and health to a great extent, often similar to the way essential oils and aromatherapy work. Acting like a magnet, it can absorb negative energies and welcome fresh vibes.

Since they are all naturally extracted, they harness the energy of the sun, moon, and oceans (all-natural healing energies) to improve our condition. When you place or hold a crystal on the body, it interacts with the chakras of the body and promotes physical and mental health. Used in a certain way, it can also improve your concentration and creativity. It can also promote physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing.

Crystals vibrate in the same way as humans and maximize the healing abilities we already have. Because of this relaxing feeling, when you apply crystals to the body, it helps you to connect better and feel relaxed. Balancing crystals can also help match wrong energy levels.

How to use them? Which stone is the best?

Each healing crystal has its own properties and powers. Based on their benefits, you can use the healing rock to heal yourself naturally and remove stress and negativity. Himalayan Quartz itself has the best energy as they come from the land of God (Himalayan region of India).

In order to maintain positive energy for our crystals to perform at their best,

                                     it is important to follow few steps



Crystals absorb and protect the negative energies within you very quickly, so it is important that you receive the crystal the first time and even after you have used it for some time. It should be cleaned. Before reaching your home, the crystals pass through several hands that absorb various energies that can affect your own balance. There are several methods of cleaning, our top 6 are listed below. Depends on whether your crystal is raw or polished and what type of crystal you need.


Himalayan salt

Drop your crystals on the salt crumbs or powder
Fill a glass bowl with dry salt and leave the crystals in for anywhere between 1-24 hours, then wash off.


Pass your crystal through the rising smoke of sage, cedar, and sacred herbs such as lavender or incense. or palo santo wooden sticks

Dry sea Salt

Half fill a bowl with sea salt/cooking salt.
Place your crystal directly in the salt for 1-2 hours.


Running Water

Hold your crystal in a stream of water such as a river, waterfall, or running tap for a few minutes.

Sound Vibrations

To purify your crystal through soft sonic vibrations, hold a tuning fork, chime, or play a bell in a Tibetan singing bowl, near your crystal.


It is important that the crystals you use are charged when you first purchase them and regularly for their best performance. With experience, you will be able to feel whether your crystal needs to be charged or not…

  • Leave them in the sun or moonlight to recharge.
    For best results put your crystals outside overnight during the solstice, equinox, full moon, or new moon.
    You can also place your crystals on a large cluster or crystal platter to charge them.


  • Holding your crystal sit quietly, relax, and begin circular breathing.
    Set an intention for your crystal silently or aloud (eg. I am down to earth and divinely connected')
    set up confirmation
    By setting up our crystals with positive intentions, we are revealing to the world the positive life experiences we seek back.
    And remember - what we think or believe about ourselves and the world becomes our reality.

Himalayan Quartz and its Effects on the Chakras

While Himalayan quartz properties can connect to and assist with all chakras, it specializes in helping to activate the Crown Chakra. And Pink Samadhi Quartz is best for the Heart Chakra, the Crown Chakra is

your energetic path from your core consciousness to your higher self (aka your spiritual antenna).

Himalayan Quartz will also enhance and recharge the energetic properties of other crystals. Placing your other crystals and even crystal jewellery on a large Himalayan quartz cluster will help clear the stagnant energy and charge them back to their optimum frequency.

Place it in open-plan spaces like the living and dining rooms, and watch as beautiful rainbows and positive energy dance off all the walls. With its pastel pink undertones, the Himalayan Quartz style is beautifully decorated with the hottest nude/blush, gold and minimal décor tones.

Himalayan Quartz evokes the clarity of mind to guide you through the many lessons that come with the wisdom of a teacher in life. Keep it in your home, workplace to bring a new perspective that will lead you towards your higher self.