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Green Apophyllite name derived from the Greek word apo & Phyllon, means it flakes off because the crystal flakes when heated. The crystal is known for their light to medium green appearance. They can also be clear as glass too. Firstly, it was discovered in India. Now recently, the crystal has been found in Brazil and Quebec, Canada. For this, no need to go anywhere, Buy Online  Green Apophyllite in British Columbia.  

Benefits you can seek

Green Apophyllite crystals contain the energy of love. The crystal brings peace, harmony, and abundance in your space. It can purify and balance the heart chakra energy. It brings clarity in every sort of situation that includes you and the people you love. Buy Green Apophyllite Crystals Online in British Columbia. It improves decision-making ability through this you will be able to see every picture of the issue. 

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Shop for Green Apophyllite in British Columbia today and feel the positive effects of Green Apophyllite. The crystal can be used to combat tension because it will energise you with feelings of lightness, pleasure, and relaxation.